Illustrations of The Fantasy World

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Maud Tindall Atkinson::"Pansy with the Fairies". Frontispiece to "Lady Ann's Fairy Book" - Catherine Milnes Gaskell. Small London:Grant Richards The best picture in the book. There are 16 Fairy people hidden within picture. Illustrators, Vintage Fairies, Illustration, Fantasy Art, Art, Fairy Art, Fairy Land, Fairy Book, Elves

Pansy and the Fairies, Mary Elizabeth Atkins

Pansy and the Fairies, Mary Elizabeth Atkins

Dryad by Evelyn De Morgan. Fairies were not a part of ancient greek mythology. Ancient greeks had nymphs, like dryads (tree nymphs)

Dryad, Evelyn De Morgan

Venus and Neptune in "The Roll of Fate" by Walter Crane, Oil on canvas (Amazing to note the influence of Christianity in a Pagan themed painting; most obvious are the angel wings on the Pagan God and Goddess.

The Wheel of Destiny, Walter Crane

John James Audubon, The birds of America. — John James Audubon, The Birds of America. A multimedia presentation combining original engravings, music and poetry. Birds Of America, Art Prints, Travel Art, Poster Prints, Illustration, Art, Bird Art, Giclee Print, Audubon Prints

American Goldfinch (1824-38) from "The Birds of America" after John James Audubon

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