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some purple flowers and green leaves with a quote in the middle that says,'badi manazi ke musafi di chot noh raka kaha
two kites flying in the sky with some words above them that read, i used parrale hai hum
Punjabi shyari, motivational,life quotes on instagram @kuch_gallan
an airplane wing with the words, satisfy your soul, not societyly
motivation quotes
an ad for the mind journal showing two people talking to each other, one is holding a
a dark room with the words she's forever going to say i trust in god's plan even with tears in her eyes
someone is writing on a notepad with a pen in their hand and the text reads,'kahin ni awak kena hadap muka muka mukka dia data
someone is texting on their cell phone while sitting at a table full of papers
a white wall with the words when something is right for you it gives you energy
the words dear god, remove anyone lying to me, using me, taking down on me or pretending to love me
I'm So Blessed Daily
the quote you have spent enough time worrying about not being enough in someone else's eyes now it's time to be enough your own