Strikket i Kauni. This sweater is gorgeous!

Klikk for å forstørre bilde . Strikkekitet includes yarn and pattern for the sweater. Kauni yarn is wool. EZ color is the base color and the EU in the pattern color.

Awesome jumper with round yoke and multi-colored pattern in border in ”Karisma”. #FreePattern #knitting

Sweet As Candy - Knitted DROPS jumper with round yoke and multi-coloured pattern in border in ”Karisma”. - Free pattern by DROPS Design

Marius genser og andre mønstre, må kjøpes.

Norwegian Marius pattern: "Mariusgenser" Once the Marius sweater was used in the hit film ”Troll i Ord” from it became extremely popular (The film has no English title but it is translated something like the “magic in words”).