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Safe Electrical Testers that can be used in the home. Understand your electrical current use before attempting any electrical wiring connections.

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Solenoid Voltage/Continuity Tester http://www.electricalbasics.com/electrical-testers/voltage-continuity-tester-solenoid

  Electrical Tester, Electrical Wiring, Wire, Easy, Cord

Easy to use Receptacle/GFCI Tester with Polarity. Find it here http://www.electricalbasics.com/electrical-testers/gfci-receptacle-tester-3-wire

Electrical Non Contact Current detector with buzzer will help you to know the current rate in your wiring situations. Find it here http://www.electricalbasics.com/electrical-testers/electrical-non-contact-current-detector

This small, lightweight combination Circuit Tester and Screwdriver is useful for wall plate screws. Find it here http://www.electricalbasics.com/electrical-testers/circuit-tester-screwdriver

  Electrical Tester, Easy To Use, Household, Store, Business, Shop, Storage

This battery tester is effective for the Home and Workbench. Tests 9-volt, D, C, AA, AAA and N Cell Household Batteries. It's handy to have and easy to use. Find it here http://www.electricalbasics.com/store/p/612-Battery-Tester-Home-and-Workbench.html

Continuity Tester can test easily fuses, bulbs, cords. Find it here http://www.electricalbasics.com/electrical-testers/continuity-tester

Receptacle Tester 3-Wire Circuit Analyzer 110-125V AC Tests For Proper Receptacle Wiring (Including Polarity). Find it here http://www.electricalbasics.com/electrical-testers/receptacle-tester-3-wire

  Electrical Tester, Electrical Wiring, Power Strip, Circuit, Finger, Sleeve

Circuit Tester 4-Way Volt Tester 100-220-277-460 AC Volts with Insulated Finger Probes. Find it here http://www.electricalbasics.com/electrical-testers/circuit-tester-4-way

You'll need Circuit Tester Tools to install surface wiring in the home! Use Electrical Basics - Circuit Tester - Economy Basic Economy Circuit Tester 90 to 500 Volts AC/DC with Insulated Finger Probes Electrical Tester, Circuit, Surface, Tools, Finger, Digital, Ac Dc, Sleeve, Appliance

Economy Circuit Tester comes with Insulated finger probes. It's great for the Home! Find it here http://www.electricalbasics.com/electrical-testers/circuit-tester-economy