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The mystery of light
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Bellamy's eyes were a sapphire blue. They stood out from the rest of her features. Her clothing was dark, her hair was dark, and her skin was pale. Those eyes of hers gleamed like two lovely orbs, contrasting with the rest of her appearance.
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an open book with a pen on top of it next to some flowers and leaves
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a harry potter laptop, books and candles on a bed
10 Fall Movies to Watch
an open book sitting on top of a wooden table next to flowers and other items
Jasmeine Moonsong
an open book with pictures and writing on it sitting on a bed next to some knitting needles
melanie ⚯͛ on Instagram: “q o t d: what’s your favorite unique book character name?? . a o t d: I have SO MANY favorite names, but one that truly stands out to me is…”
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Account Suspended
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a person holding up a drink in front of hogwarts castle
Liz Rogers on Instagram: “Take me back to Harry Potter World, please & thank you.”
a harry potter book bag sitting on top of a table next to some branches with flowers
Hands up if you love both Harry Potter & Kånken! We adore the variety of pictures you take with your Kånkens. It's so creative ❤️ Keep it…
the boy who lived book opened on top of his bed with plaid sheets and pillows
many open books are stacked on top of each other in order to be read by someone
"folded between the pages of books"
a magnifying glass looking at a hogwart's castle on a map
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a woman holding a harry potter book in her hands while wearing a brown turtle neck sweater
there is a sign that says platform 9 / 4 on the side of a brick building
"You're the seventh-hundredth kid to ask me that today, and I still refuse to believe it exist."