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a small figurine of a boy and his dog on a wooden base with a blue background
Goebel Clean Bill of Health Berta Hummel figurine
Disney, Figurine, Arts And Crafts, Hummel Figurines, Collectible Figurines, Goebel Figurines, Vintage Hummel
Hummel & Goebel Figurines | eBay
a figurine of a boy sitting on the ground holding a plate with a bird perched on it
a ceramic figurine of a little boy holding a potted broccoli
a figurine of a boy holding a mailbox and looking at something in his hand
a figurine of children around a baby's crib
Miniature, Childrens Art, Kinder, Fun, Cute
a figurine of a little boy with rabbits on his lap, holding a basket
a drawing of a little boy sitting on top of a suitcase and holding an umbrella
a figurine of two children sitting on a swing
Emilys Gifts
a figurine is holding a potted plant
M.I. Hummel Noviteiten 2017 | Peter's Hummel Home | De grootste collectie beeldjes | Hummel Disney Goebel Rosina Wachtmeister Heartwood Creek Snowbabies
two figurines are standing next to each other