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three different webpages with one woman sitting on a chair
HAUS | Media Kit template for CANVA
three different layouts for a website
Design Website
a bunch of different types of text on a white sheet with waves in the background
Lemonade Marketing Co.
an advertisement for the new samsung phone, with black background and white text that reads'porfolio shu wei - tsung '
SHUWEITSUNG | Portfolio cover design, Graphic design layouts, Presentation design
four different black and white posters with circles, dots, lines and shapes on them
Download premium vector of Set of minimal Memphis design start-up poster vector by Kappy about geometry, memphis background black, minimalist website, memphis geometry, and free vector geometry background 538496
a red book with the words contents printed on it
알스퀘어 브랜드북 디자인 | RSQUARE BRAND BOOK Design by 아이디브릿지 포트폴리오 - 노트폴리오
a black and red brochure with numbers on the front, back and sides
Brandbook | Manual de Identidad Estudio Ziel