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a painting of pink water lilies floating on top of a blue body of water
Original Handmade Landscape Acrylic Painting (10x10) | Color: Blue/Green | Size: 10in X 10in
Painted By Me! This Painting Is Beautiful. It Is Painted On A Canvas Board, So It Can Easily Go Into A Frame Or A Shadow Box. This Painting Was Sprayed With A Thick Coat Of Varnish, To Ensure The Painting Lasts Forever! Please See The Photo Before Purchasing. *This Item Is Handmade. There Are Imperfections, Since It Is Hand-Painted. Everyone Is Human- Keep That In Mind*
a painting of a little dog with a pink bow on it's head and eyes
a painting of a frog holding a glass of wine
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a painting of a frog with a pink bow on it's head next to a mirror
a bride and groom are in the water on their wedding day
The season of rebirth, fresh life and pastel colours has arrived heartwarming photosof spring in art
state testing encouragement solar eclipse solar eclipse activity cozy classroom oil painting reproductions zendoodle art easter paintings on canvas As we settle into this autumn season, it’s important to remember to take some time for ourselves. Fall is generally filled to the brim with activities to do with friends and family. While this can be so fun, if you’re anything like me, it can also be a bit draining. That’s why during the fall I commit to getting some self-care in. I made a list of my
a painting of a house in a field of flowers
The Pink House Original Painting in Acrylic - 40 x 40 cms Ready to hang.
Beautiful summer vibes with The Pink House at sunset, oozing with warmth and summer loveliness. It is part of a series of seasonal pictures, which I have painted in my slightly impressionistic style, full of splatters to give it that little bit of sparkle. It is painted on a 40 x 40 cms deep edge canvas, and painted in professional quality acryic paint. The painting wraps around the sides of the canvas so there is no need to frame it. It comes with mounted brackets so that it is ready to hang o