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White? Straight? Male? Financially comfortable? Care about anybody who isn't all that? Trying to be an ally? Want to open up your thinking and free yourself…
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(RNS) — The meeting of Ye, Nick Fuentes and Donald Trump was a win for an extreme, Catholic-leaning subset of Christian nationalism.

Catholic Nationalism

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I Was Taught Not To Tell Anyone I Was Jewish. Here's What Happened When I Finally Did.
I Was Taught Not To Tell Anyone I Was Jewish. Here's What Happened When I Finally Did.
The rampant anti-Semitism in the news these days has taken a toll on the psyches of Jewish people like me around the country. But on top of that, t...


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In its eagerness to find a woke nail to hammer, the cultural right didn't just get the details of the sermon wrong, but showed an ignorance of history and theology.
Washington Post Op-Ed - Maia Kobabe
Washington Post Op-Ed - Maia Kobabe

Hatred of LGBTQ+ People

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A Pop Quiz for White Women Who Think Black Women Should Be Nicer to Them in Conversations about Race | Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary Nonfiction
It’s not surprising that Christians don't relate to Zeresh. She’s one of the monsters, a biblical Lady Macbeth. But one group could stand to examine her character more fully.

White Woman, White Womanhood

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Resisting the Allure of Innocence - The Texas Observer
Resisting the Allure of Innocence - The Texas Observer

Migration, Refugees

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Debt Collective - A union of debtors.
Debt Collective - A union of debtors.
Debt Collective - A union of debtors.

Corporations - DEBT - Capitalism

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Guns, graffiti, being told to leave, and the myth of the good place

LEAVE if you don't like it

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My relatives went to a Catholic school for Native children. It was a place of horrors | Nick Estes | The Guardian

Native America, First Nations, Indigenous Peoples

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The United States suffers from a deficit of imagining the lives of other people. This is true of my side: Vaccinated liberals don’t take much time to calmly hear out the logic of those refusing the shots. But it’s also true of the no-vaxxers, who might reconsider their view if they grasped the far-ranging consequences of their private vaccination decisions. Instead of shaming and hectoring, our focus should be on broadening their circle of care: Your cells might be good enough to protect you, bu
Feelings about the vaccine are intertwined with feelings about the pandemic.
Opinion | Are Your Neighbors Mostly Democrats or Republicans? - The New York Times

Political Bubbles

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An Artist Says Influencers Are Sharing Her Work Without Proper Credit
The goal of this game is to illustrate as clearly as possible the accumulation of microaggressions and acculturative stress upon the physical and mental body, so that it may be better understood by people who may not understand how these incidents play out. Hopefully, this can be something to spread awareness and unveil the violence of standing out, and even more about the violence of blending in.Because it is not feasible to represent every single experience within every single marginalized co

Micro-Aggressions and Un-Noticed Barriers

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what really unites Millennials. Namely: -We are the most educated and hard-working generation in American history. -We poured historic and insane amounts of time and money into preparing ourselves for the 21st century labor market. - We have been taught to consider working for free (homework, internships) a privilege for our own benefit. - We are poorer, more medicated, and more precariously employed than our parents, grandparents, even our great grandparents, with less of a social s
It's 2020 and you're in the future — Wait But Why
It's 2020 and you're in the future — Wait But Why

Generations - Old and Young

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West Virginia students to stage walkout over Christian revival at high school | West Virginia | The Guardian
So You Want to Write an Article Deflecting All Blame From Christianity: A Handy Guide | Religion Dispatches
A new and rapidly growing Christian movement is openly political, wants a nation under God’s authority, and is central to Donald Trump’s GOP

Church & State - Christian Nationalism

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Gaslighted by God: Reconstructing a Disillusioned Faith by Tiffany Yecke Brooks
Under Deconstruction
Religious Trauma Institute

Evangelicalism and Ex-vangelicals

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“@KeneAkers @LDSchurch @KylosCracked I just finished Mormonism and White Supremacy by Joanna Brooks yesterday. We have a problem and she lays out the history and what the church and its members can do to repent and improve. I highly recommend!”
Vivien Leigh, Full Length; "Gone With The Wind"
My father’s family kept slaves – and he defended it. Acknowledging it matters | Slavery | The Guardian

White and Black in America

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San Antonio v. Rodriguez: Does money matter in education? - Vox
If you want to understand where all our nation’s most enduring, most heartbreaking and infuriating sociopolitical crises filter down to, spend some time in an ED. If you want to see how those multiple, generational crises affect the most vulnerable of our society, go to a pediatric ED. Increasingly, the staff of the ED who have always upheld the proud notion of being the one place where the doors are always open to anyone who needs care at any time, have felt besieged. Besieged by staffing sh
(1) Robyn Pennacchia on Twitter: "And I think about this a lot because it shows you the completely fucking absurd things people are willing to believe before they are willing to believe that trauma and poverty and income inequality have any effect at all on anything in society." / Twitter

Follow the Money - Your Economic Bubble

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Books by Omid Safi
“As we head into the holiday season, a helpful reminder.”
How would you behave if everyone could tell you are a person of faith just by looking at you?

Religious Differences

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Video: How Illustrator Danielle Coke Gained 300K Instagram Followers in 1 Week | Skillshare Blog

How to Be An Ally

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DANIELLE COKE on Instagram: “You can’t fix something you can’t see. ❤️ Solving present-day race issues doesn’t start with ignoring race altogether – it starts with…”
White men who face these challenges in life are more likely to recognize white privilege - MarketWatch
What is Caucasity | the urban intellectualist


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Debt Collective - A union of debtors. Racing
Debt Collective - A union of debtors. Poverty