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5 delicious loaves to bake at home Tray Bakes, Bread Recipes, Broccoli, Banana Bread, Food To Make, Muffin, Good Food, Tattoo, Baking

5 Delicious Loaves To Make At Home

Check out these 5 easy ways to use your loaf baking tray and get amazing results. 1. Cinnamon Applesauce Loaf This cute loaf is soft, never dry because of all the applesauce and really popular with everybody. 2. Banana Bread Very moist and well flavoured with bananas. 3.…

1 hour easy dinner rolls recipe Dinner Rolls Recipe, Bread Recipes, Broccoli, Really Cool Stuff, Food To Make, Good Food, Tattoo, Awesome, Easy

Easy, 1 Hour Dinner Rolls

These delicious rolls can be made quickly while making soup or anything else for dinner and are really nice. I use silicone molds to shape them into quirky forms. Ingredients: 1 cup warm water 2 Tb…

Vegan Strawberry Loaf, yummy vegan baking recipe. Vegan Baking Recipes, Vegan Cake, Summer Fruit, Broccoli, Muffin, Good Food, Strawberry, Tattoo, Awesome

Vegan Strawberry Loaf

Ahh, strawberries! The ultimate summer fruit! Who doesn't love them? This recipe is an eggless, vegan cake with delicious strawberries. I started thinking about this recipe when I ran out of eggs one day and really wanted to bake something without having to go to the shop. So here you have it. It takes a…

Muesli and Rye Muffins Rye Flour, Breakfast Muffins, Muesli, Broccoli, Good Food, Cheese, Tattoo, Eat, Awesome

Leftover Muesli & Rye Breakfast Muffins

Do you have any leftover muesli that nobody in your house wants to eat anymore and don't know what to do with it? These muffins are a way to get rid of a portion of it anyway and will be eaten without a clue. These are also muffins made partially with wholemeal rye flour but…

5 Reasons To Start Having A Green Salad With Every Dinner by Tattoo My Broccoli Broccoli, Cantaloupe, Salads, Good Food, Health Fitness, Tattoo, Dinner, Fruit, Awesome

5 Reasons To Start Having a Green Salad with Every Dinner

So here's the deal. If you think you don't like salads, give this a try. Make salads and serve with dinner every day for 10 days, or even for a week and then see if you like salads or not. I did it and it worked for me. Now salads are in our home so…

Blueberry Cake in a Skillet Recipe, So Delicious! Skillet Cake, Skillet Meals, Blueberry Cake, Frozen Blueberries, White Chocolate, Broccoli, Cravings, Muffin, Good Food

Skillet Cake – Blueberries In Bed With White Chocolate

Blueberries are not in season yet and when they are I will be in the forest foraging for them, with a bucket. Thankfully though, frozen blueberries are always there to rescue me when I have a blueberry craving. In Norway, I am certainly not alone in having blueberry cravings and I am quite grateful that…

Homemade Wheat & Rye Bread Recipe Rye Bread Recipes, Ham, Food To Make, Good Food, Pumpkin, Homemade, Broccoli, Sweet, Tattoo

Homemade Wheat & Rye Bread

This is a chewy, soft and rather dense homemade bread that I make often. It’s packed full of pumpkin and sunflower seed goodness and has almost 70% wholemeal flour. It’s delicious with …

Easy homemade buttermints, delicous! Mint Candy, Peppermint, Broccoli, Muffin, Good Food, Ice Cream, Homemade, Tattoo, Cake

Homemade Buttermints

These are delicious mint candies that are hard on the outside but melt in your mouth. They can be given as a gift or devoured at home. Either way they are addictive. They have a very nice old-fashi…

Delicious cheese, green peas and mushroom muffins recipe. Green Peas, Muffin Recipes, Broccoli, Really Cool Stuff, Muffins, Stuffed Mushrooms, Good Food, Cheese, Tattoo

Mushrooms & Peas Muffins

I came up with this recipe when away on holiday. I had a jar of mayo in the fridge and knew I had to use it before the holiday was over as bringing it on the plane seemed too crazy. These muffins are really nice and moist inside and are still delicious the next day,…

Lemon and Courgette (Zucchini) Cake Recipe Zucchini Cake, Yummy Cakes, Broccoli, Cake Recipes, Muffin, Good Food, Lemon, Tattoo, Cookies

Lemon Courgette Cake

It’s going to be the Constitution Day here in Norway in two days time and it’s a very important day for Norwegians. For that day, I like to bake a cake for my Norwegian family, to show …

hot milk & peaches cake, delicious! Peach Cake, Peaches, Broccoli, Cocoa, Muffin, Good Food, Milk, Pudding, Tattoo

Hot Milk & Peaches – Soft, Dreamy Cake

This cake is the definition of softness and comfort. That might be because I love milk and I drink it on its own or as cocoa. I add a lot of it to coffee and I can't really imagine life without milk. So when I realised one day that again I bought a lot of…

Delicious blueberry sponge cake. Food Dye, Colorful Cakes, Sponge Cake, Blue Velvet, Broccoli, Blueberry, Muffin, Good Food, Tattoo

Blue Velvet: Ultra-fluffy Blueberry Sponge Cake

Admit it! Making a blue, fluffy sponge cake is one of the items on your bucket list. It must be! This is just another one of my series of colourful cakes which were made without food dye. And it…

Delicious Risotto with Broccoli Arborio Rice, Broccoli, Risotto, Cauliflower, Good Food, Dishes, Tattoo, Vegetables, Eat

Delicious Risotto with Broccoli

This is one of my favourite things to eat in the world. I make a risotto two, three times a month and I always enjoy both cooking and eating it. I really like the creamy arborio rice and if you decide to make this dish, please use arborio and not jasmin or any other rice…

Sparkling Wine Jelly Wine Jelly, Sparkling Wine, Alcoholic Drinks, Good Food, Sparkle, Candles, Recipes, Bottle, Broccoli

Sparkling Wine Jelly

This recipe can be made with both rosé and white sparkling wine. I came up with the idea when I opened a bottle of sparkling rosé and it turned out that I was the only one who liked it. Drinking a …

gluten free vanilla muffins Broccoli, Muffins, Vanilla, Gluten Free, Tattoo, Breakfast, Cake, Food, Glutenfree

Gluten Free Vanilla Bean Muffins

I promised to entertain a person who suddenly told me she had to be on a gluten free and milk free diet, due to her doctor’s instructions. I made it look like it was going to be no problem at…

Blueberry Leather Fruit Roll-Ups Blueberry Season, Fruit Roll Ups, How To Make Jam, Yummy Snacks, Broccoli, Good Food, Tattoo, Awesome, Leather

Blueberry Leather Fruit Roll-Ups

This recipe is just in time for blueberry season. If you're like me, you will be coming home with a bucket or two of blueberries and making jams for the cold winter months. This is one way to do something different with your blueberries. The fruit leather is a rubbery, yummy snack that reminds me…