Yngve Engkvist

Yngve Engkvist

Alta / Sjøsame fra Unjargga, bosatt i sjøsamebygda Tollevika. Liverpoolsupporter, periodevis opptatt av trening.
Yngve Engkvist
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Great way to release tension and soreness quickly. Learn to use foam rollers and you'll feel better after a workout.

How to Foam Roll Like a Pro: HIGHLY recommend this for anyone running or sore after increasing activity level. These foam rollers are miracle workers and will keep you active and heading towards your goals! Beeezus it hurts like hell though lol WORTH IT!

That moment when you're checking on your sleeping baby and their eyes open so you run before you make direct eye contact. Well not my baby but my niece for sure!

burpees....haha love them!

i really dislike them haha. We all may not like Burpees but it is a necessary cardio evil that must be completed during bootcamp. It is a total body workout that gets results.

Some Sami drum symbols

Some Sami drum symbols. [Drawings of Saami symbology used on ritual drums & possibly in prehistoric rock art in northern Eurasia.