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a dollhouse bed with pink sheets and curtains on it's sides, made to look like a canopy
a doll's desk and chair in a room
OOAK Diorama Romantic Room
OOAK Diorama Romantic Room | Information: see my profile, on… | Flickr
a hand holding a miniature display case with lipstick and nail polish
yuri on X
yuri(ミニチュア見習い*) en Twitter: "コスメアイテムセット完成しました٭¨̮♫ 実際のグロスと大きさ比較するとこんな感じです\( ˆ ˆ )/♡ コスメショップをイメージして制作しました🍓 ミニチュアアート展2017で販売する作品です♡⃜ #ミニチュアアート展2017 #ミニチュア #miniature https://t.co/B5o7NzIxum" / Twitter
a barbie doll wearing a golden dress and gold shawl, with her hands on her hips
Dreamcastle Dolls
an old fashioned bed with blue and gold decor
the doll house is made out of wood and glass
Mara's Eric Lansdown 1:12 Scale House
Mara's Eric Lansdown 1:12 Scale House | Ken Haseltine Regent Miniatures | Flickr
a sewing machine sitting on top of a table next to a chair and other items
Shabby Minis
Shabby Minis
three bowls are stacked on the edge of a sink
Shabby Minis
Shabby Minis
Shabby Minis Kids Fashion, Retro, Inspiration, Clothing, Children's Outfits, Floral
Shabby Minis
Shabby Minis
a barbie doll dressed in purple holding shopping bags
Dreamcastle Dolls
three different types of chairs in various colors and sizes
a doll house with flowers and plants surrounding it
Sprinkled With Love Cottage Custom Dollhouse
Cinderella Moments: Sprinkled With Love Cottage Custom Dollhouse