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How to Start Welding

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-MIG synergistic setting & MIG manual setting, Gasless Flux wire MIG Welds, stick welds, and Lift TIG welds. Dynamic control-set arc control to crisp or soft depending on your preference and application.
1.Open the panel 2.Slide the spool on the spindle. Make sure the drive pin pf spindle is engaged with the spoke of the spool.   3.Reinstall the spool retaining knob the screw.  4.The wire goes through inlet tube. 5.Pull down the tensioner armer to let the wire go through 6.Make sure the the inward wire feeding roller is the same with the wire.) 7.Pull up the tensioner and adjust the strength, and close the panel 8.Feed the wire with the inching knob or press the gun torch switch.


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Here is a  small video for how to change the contact tip for MIG gun torch. It is suitable for the MIG gun torch for YesWelder MIG welders.

Welder Gun Torch

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The YESWELDER ARC-400Q WELDER provides a convenient method of performing "stick" welding carbon steel or stainless steel.  Wide Voltage Available 1 phase 208VAC 3 phase 220/230/240V 3 phase 380/400/440V 3 phase 460/480V

ARC-400Q Welder

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Why AC/DC  welder flashes 104 and not work?  Check the voltage, and increase the voltage, if still not function, remove the fan.
When it is power on, it flashes "104" , then come to the normal display.
250P AC/DC TIG welder YESWELDER Review  From


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While TIG is typically only used on very thin metals, it has a wide range of applications for both hobbyists and professionals. AC/DC welders are ideal for multiple uses around the home such as pipework, joint work, and automotive repairs, making it an essential piece of kit for DIY enthusiasts.
Arc welding is the process of melting two metals together. It uses electricity to create intense heat which melts the two metals together in a molten pool, effectively making them one material. This is called welding fusion and is the reason welded structures are so strong.
How to Arc Weld (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Welding Common Knowledges

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This is a brief instruction for solving the issue that the YesWelder TIG-205DS not working. 1.Check if you've connect the gun torch and the earth clamp correctly. 2. If there's no HF start or noise, take off the gun torch. 3. Short the the two-pin plug 4. If it has HF noise, check the connection of the gun torch, there's something long. 5. If there's no HF start, check the connection inside the welder.
This is the YESWELDER TIG-205DS. This is the first part that shows what comes with the welder and how to set it up.
TIG-205DS is ideal for high-frequency TIG torch with Stick Arc welder. HF Start-easy arc starting and improves tungsten life, the HF service guarantees a start-up at 100%, simple to operate, LCD amperage display IGBT soft switch technology, excellent Arc stability, 15-200 amps very suitable weld thin workpiece. T Automatic temperature control, fan dormancy, steeples amperage control, all generators friendly.


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When the YesWelder ARC welder comes with no arc, what to do? 1. Make sure if you've had the input voltage correctly. 2. Test the DCV betwen the two connections. 3. If it is 68-75V, check the connection of earth clamp and electrode holder or change both. 4. No voltage,  contact the YesWelder support team with the order number and a details video, we'll go thourgh and back to you with a solution.
ARC-205DS welder has no arc with power and displays on: 1. Remove the earth clamp and the electrode holder. 2.Use the multimeter to test the DCV between positive and negative pole.  3. If it is between 60-75V, check the connection earth clamp and the electrode holder. There's a loose connection. 4. If no voltage shows up, contact YesWelder support team the order number, and a small video. We'll back to you with a solution.
-Great performing on 7018 cellulose electrode, arc start easy, smooth weld, Powerful enough to weld 1/4 Inch (220V), and 5/32 Inch(110V) steel. -Portable and lightweight, so you can take it anywhere, so convenient.  -The lightness and strength of its components make this a reliable welding tool for professionals or (DIY)use.

ARC welder

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CUT-55DS not ignite at 120V with recommended pressure and consumable, the led indicator flash @110v, it won't @220V. 1. Open the cover 2. Check this light in the PCB board, it will be on @110v/120v, it will not be on @220v. (it‘s for voltage doubling) 3. If no led light on, check the wire connection, there's a loose connection
So easy, pull it up and turn clockwise to make it from high to low, counterclockwise from low to high
How to fix the hiss noise with CUT-55DS? One of the internal air lines wasn't quite sealed. Check it

CUT-55DS cutter

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YesWelder®Auto Darkening Welding Helmet, Wide Shade 4/9-13 for TIG MIG ARC, L500A - Great For TIG MIG MMA - Viewing Size 3.64"X1.67" with 2 Premium Sensors - Better clarity, True color view - 1/1/1/2 Optical Clarity - Increased battery life - Superior comfort with the pivot style headgear. - Wide Shade Range DIN4 /DIN9~13 -Response time≤1/10000 S
A brief installation instruction about how to change the cover lens and inner filter. Easy to follow and change the welding helmet.
An brief instruction for welding hood installation


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Here is a small video about how to install the 10lb spool for 250A welder.
YesWelder PRO250 welder could aluminum welding. It could weld aluminum with 'OP' and 100% argon or Mix gas.   Things needed: 1.Graphene liner or Teflon liner for aluminum for the MIG torch  2.U type roller instead of normal V type roller inside the machine.  This video is step2 for change Graphene liner or Teflon liner into the gun torch
This is a video to tell you how to install the steel pipe back in the wire feeding part when the Graphene liner or Teflon liner for aluminum for the mig torch, is not  needed again. Note: Frequent removing and installing will make the welder work improperly.

MIG-250 PRO welder (older version)

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The wire feeding roller runs when the welder we trigger the gun torch, however knob keeps getting loose and makes it not feed. Check if the pin is falling out of the roller part. Find it and put it back. Then the welder will work again.
The wire feeding runs when the welder we trigger the gun torch, however knob keeps getting loose and makes it not feed. Why? The pin in the wire feeding part is out, put it back.
The fan is working when the welder is turned on. If the welder works, the fan stops working, check the connection here, the loose connection will cause the problem. If the connection is well, contact our support team.

MIG-205DS Welder

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