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Henry Winter, Alice Angel, Iwaoi, Dark Souls, Heart Breaks, Betrayal, Firebird, Sith, Hades, Fotografie, Alps, Black Man, Greek Underworld

Aesthetic Black, Bb, Veil, Art Sculptures, Winged Victory, La Rose, Sunrise, Marble, Rage, White People, Alps, Granite, Marbles, Peplum, Sunrises, Toile, Veils

Aesthetic Black, Queen Aesthetic, Amber Rose, Evil Queens, Brooke Davis, Lydia Martin, Regina Mills, Monster Girl, Gilmore Girls, Middle, Beds

Sabrina Spellman, Beetlejuice, Scooby Doo, Strange Things, Storyboard, Ghosts, Numbers, Oc, Neutral, Beds, Beatle Juice, Odd Stuff, Scoubidou

Give Mom a pin that she can wear everyday, that will surely give you "Best Kid Award" and bragging rights with your siblings.

Luke Alvez, Jennifer Jareau, Clarice Starling, Derek Morgan, Dana Scully, Spencer Reid, Twin Peaks, Criminal Minds, Stranger Things

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This gun symbolizes Porfiry, the lead investigator for Raskolnikov's murder case. He questions and tries to convince Raskolnikov to confess for the good for himself.