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Oi gente querida do bloguinho, Sei que estou meio sumida e peço mil desculpas, pois ando enroladíssima, mas hoje dei uma fugidinha para trazer mais coisas interessantes do Pinterest. Espero que vocês gostem e não deixem de visitar o blog novo no link aqui ao lado. Bjs. Jantarzinho lindinho! Bolo para grávidas. Isso está na moda... Rocamboles desenhados. Para os pequenos Ninguém diz que é cupcake. É assim que se faz. Vamos fazer flor? Ô gente criativa! Noivinhos lindinhos Cachocake? As…

Colombian Arepas Recipe | Why Don't You Make Me
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Colombian Arepas - Why Don't You Make Me?

Arepas are one of my favorite dishes from Colombia. If you don’t know what an arepa is, it is a type of tortilla made from corn. You can eat them with a cup of hot chocolate for breakfast, or as a side dish with dinner. I was lucky enough to have my dad teach me … Continue reading "Colombian Arepas"

29 Different Venezuelan arepa recipes! I love stuffing these with just about anything but this link has tons of great ideas!

29-VENEZUELA: Arepas

Está semana nos vamos a un país que está a caballo entre dos continentes, bañado por aguas tropicales, atravesado por la cordillera andina y repleto de frondosas selvas. Hoy paramos en Venezuela. L…

Pastelón de plátanos amarillos (Ripe plantains casserole)

Pastelón Plátano Maduro - Recipe & Video (Ripe Plantain Casserole)

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60 minutes

Pastelón de Plátano Maduro Recipe (Ripe Plantain Casserole): The delicate sweetness of ripe plantains, flavorful beef filling, and melting cheese.Pure bliss.

Food stations that we offer for private events in le Salon du Mistral
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Best of Boston French Bistro

Food stations that we offer for private events in le Salon du Mistral

Mexican Fiesta buffet

Maneras de tener una boda extremadamente mexicana

No importa si eres mexicana o tienes otra nacionalidad, la cultura mexicana es realmente bella, rica y colorida. Si quieres tener una boda diferente ésta es tu mejor opción, es algo sencillo y te dejará recuerdos por siempre. 1- Puedes dar recuerdos a tus asistentes en bellas bolsas típicas. 2. Un pastel decorado así. 3. […]

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Salami & Cheese #appetizer display
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Having an upcoming wedding and not sure where to start planning? Here's a free wedding checklist to get you started

Must-visit shops next time I'm in LA: Paletas  - Mexican ice pops - include such flavors as mango con chile, cantaloupe, corn, chamoy, strawberry and rice. The handmade ice pops are based on flavors traditionally found in Mexico and can be water- or cream-based. The paletería business in L.A. is expanding, reaching Latinos and non-Latinos alike.
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Paletas: Icy, spicy, cool

Handmade paletas — Mexican ice pops — have traditional flavors and cutting-edge style.

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aguas frescas
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Ivonne Carley : artist, paper cutter, letter writer, halloween junkie, antique hunter. For more on...

Mini Cookies and Cream Cheesecakes #food #yummy #delicious
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Mini Cookies and Cream Cheesecakes

Bite sized cookies and cream cheesecakes topped off with homemade sweetened whipped cream and a mini Oreo cookie.

Plantain recipe
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Baho, or vaho, is one of the cornerstones of Nicaraguan cuisine. Beef, plantains and yuca (cassava) are wrapped in banana leaves and steamed over water in a large pot. Baho is food for a Sunday afternoon. Start the recipe on Saturday by marinating the meat. Vaho means "mist" in Spanish and evokes the unique cooking method for this hearty meal.

Baho Recipe (Nicaraguan beef, plantains and yuca steamed in banana leaves)

Baho, or vaho, is one of the cornerstones of Nicaraguan cuisine. Beef, plantains and yuca (cassava) are wrapped in banana leaves and steamed over water in a large pot.

traditional nicaraguan food...
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traditional nicaraguan food...

Fall Cocktail Party Decor, Hors d'oeuvre and Beverages | Catersource
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Fall Cocktail Party Decor, Hors d'oeuvre and Beverages

We're well-entrenched in the middle of fall. Let these décor ideas, drinks and party recipes from caterers take you through December and beyond. Décor: Bold and Full Fall ColorPumpkins, russets and browns are Halloween-time standbys, but adding lots of bold colors to any fall palette makes a party stand out across the board.