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a yellow and black sign on the side of a building that says royal hotel hong
Source: Worthpoint
two black and white business cards with the words tiger rose written in chinese on them
two pieces of paper with chinese writing on them, one in black and the other in white
Changxin lee (@changxinlee1991) · Instagram 照片和视频
two white boxes with different types of food on the front and back of each box
two white envelopes with the words thank you on them
some type of stamp that has been made to look like it is in arabic and english
Egypt_PV1.jpg |
Kiln (@studio__kiln) · Instagram 照片和视频 Studio, Instagram, Videos, Brande, Photo And Video, Instagram Photo
Kiln (@studio__kiln) · Instagram 照片和视频
A Tight Squeeze
Université de d'art de Bergen
a black and white image of an easel with two circles on it's side
Pattern Designs, Pattern, Patten, Repeat
an art piece that is made out of black and white paper with geometric designs on it
Island – Exhibition|poster