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Epiphone Emperor Regent Natural 1951 | Reverb

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1947 Epiphone De Luxe - Apr 03, 2014 | Guernsey's in NY

Although the Emperor overshadowed Epiphone’s De Luxe model, the De Luxe remained a popular choice both for its lower ... on Apr 03, 2014

1945 Epiphone Emperor - Apr 03, 2014 | Guernsey's in NY

This Emperor, built during the final year of World War II, is notable for its anomalous body shape. Instead of featur... Item was passed

Famous Jazz Guitarists and Their Guitar Gear

Discover what kind of guitars, guitar amps, strings, picks, and guitar effects are used by your favorite jazz guitarists.

Vintage 1949 Epiphone Emperor/Natural Blonde/Hidden Controls/Floating Pickup/Second NOS Pick Guard | BLUZMAN MUSIC | Reverb

Vintage 1949 Epiphone Emperor with Carved Top and Removable Floating Pickup/Pickguard / Second NOS Pickguard Included. Serial Number: #58831 New Kent Armstrong SlimbuckerFloating Pickup with Thumbwheel Volume and Tone Controls (Hidden beneath pickguard) No holes were added and no physical alteration was done to this guitar. All electronics including input jack are beneath the provided second NOS pickguard.OR Swap to Original 1949 Acoustic Only Pickguard BLONDE BEAUTY!! Note: Over 300…

Guitar and Music Institute

This is the official Youtube channel of GMI (the Guitar & Music Institute). GMI offers online guitar lessons on practice, performance, technique, guitar gear...

1951 Epiphone Emperor Regent - Apr 03, 2014 | Guernsey's in NY

This 1951 Epiphone Emperor Regent is an ideal catalog example with all of the features one expects to find on a model... Item was passed

1949 Epiphone Emperor - Apr 03, 2014 | Guernsey's in NY

This is one of the last Emperor guitars that Epiphone made with an ebony fretboard before switching to rosewood later... Item was passed

1941 Epiphone Emperor - Apr 03, 2014 | Guernsey's in NY

This looks like an ordinary post-war Epiphone Emperor that could date anywhere from 1946 until 1949, but its interior... Item was passed

1938 Epiphone Triumph - Feb 27, 2016 | Guernsey's in NY

Serial#: 11232. Anastasios Stathopoulo began his career producing violins and lutes in his native Sparta (Greece) in ... on Feb 27, 2016

Epiphone Emperor 1940

marktplaats voor gitaristen

Gitaar Markt: De particuliere marktplaats voor gitaristen. Kopen verkopen van gitaren, versterkers, bladmuziek, etc. .