Vegan Dumpling Recipes

This board contains all kinds of vegan dumplings that you can make at home.
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Dim Sum Beancurd Roll
Google 'woonheng beancurd roll' or •
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Lacy Potstickers
vegan dumpling wrapper buns on a plate with chopsticks and rice
Dumpling Wrapper Bun (Easy Hack)
This dumpling wrapper bun is filled with juicy zucchini and pan-fried until golden brown. They are SOO easy to make and delicious to eat.
Vegan Wonton Soup
Vegan Wonton Soup
Vegetable Dumplings - Jian Zi Vegan Foods, Vegetable Dumpling Soup, Vegetable Dumplings, Vegetarian Noodles, Veggie Dumplings Recipe
Vegan Vegetable Dumpling - Jiao Zi
This vegan vegetable dumpling, Jiao Zi 饺子 is SO delicious that is fully packed with vegetables and the chewy handmade wrapper is irresistible. #dumplings #veganrecipes #vegetable #goodeat #chinesefood #asianfood #fromscratch #fallrecipes
Crispy Rice Dumpling Meals, Dinner Recipes, Ramen, Rice Crispy, Rice Dumplings Recipe
Crispy Rice Dumpling
This best and EASY crispy rice dumpling recipe is so DELISH! All you need is store-bought dumpling wrappers and a simple rice mixture. #dumpling #dimsum #stickyrice #veganrecipes #vegandinner #fallrecipes //dumpling //dimsum //stickyrice //veganrecipes //vegandinner
Crispy sesame balls with peanut filling Snacks, Bento, Desserts, Dessert, Sesame Snacks, Crispy, Sesame, Yum, Vegan Chinese
Crispy Sesame Balls
These crispy sesame balls, Jian Dui or Zhi Ma Qiu (芝麻球), are crispy on the outside with a slight chew when you bite into it. #dimsum #veganrecipes #sesame #snacks #fallrecipes #easymeal
Chinese Chives Pocket
Vegan Dumplings
Sticky Rice Dumplings