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a statue of an angel standing in front of a building
Caelum Sidereum
okkvlt: On a graveyard in Prague, Czech Republic. (Credit)
an angel statue with her hands to her face
the head and shoulders of an ancient statue
Teaching History the Classical Way
Detail of a Roman statue of Seleinos (Silenus) | Roman copy of a Greek original (original from circa 340-320 BCE) | Collection of the Glyptothek Munich Germany | Photo by Giopuo
I Am She. {poetry} She Poetry, Spartan Tattoo, Spartan Warrior, Warrior Women, Mythology Art, Greek Art, Fantasy Warrior, Cat Walk
I am She. {poetry} | Rebelle Society
I Am She. {poetry}
a sculpture of a lion's head is shown in this black and white photo
Фото 838568811277 из альбома Сергей Кундиков. Смотрите в группе ИДЕЯ в ОК
барельеф в деталях любой сложности
an engraved plaque with a feather on it