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a pile of colorful plastic toys with the words, i spy and sensory tub play
I Spy Sensory Tub Play - how to make your own I Spy Sensory tub for play. Use our FREE I Spy cards to help build maths rich vocabulary during play | you clever monkey
an assortment of crafting supplies laid out on top of a white surface with flowers
PotionKit {a soulemama sponsor}
two pictures of hands with painted rocks on them and the words back to front written in white letters
Mystery Box Anxiety Worry Stones Handmade Polymer Clay Colorful Sensory Toy, Anxiety Relief Toy ADHD Stress Rubbing Self Care Pocket Stone
Do you find yourself constantly struggling to focus, and fidgeting around? Try one of our cute, colorful, polymer clay worry stones! They feature a cute textured animal on one side, and a smooth side, perfect to soothe your nerves. We also welcome custom order ideas! Message us with your custom order ideas via Etsy Messenger.
a hand holding a small plastic object with smaller bumps on it's thumb and larger bumps in the middle
Worry Stone Textured Fidget Toy Sensory Picking Toy Autism Stim ADHD Toy Fidget Anxiety Relief
One handmade textured worry stone/fidget toy! Perfect for quiet and discreet picking, fidgeting, and stimming! Run your thumb along the inside indentation or along the different sized bumps along the edge! Please add what color(s) you'd like, I can do anything!
Worry Stones
Thumb stones and textured ergonomic worry stones
six different types of marbles are shown in this image, each with different colors
Mindful sensory/ worry/anxiety/fidget stones/Meditation stone/Grounding. Helps focus on the present moment
Individually hand made sensory/worry/anxiety/ fidget stones for ages 3 to 103. They come in a soft white velvet bag and posted in a letterbox box. Each gift also comes with links to guided relaxations. Each stone is designed, conditioned, moulded, baked, sanded and polished by hand, creating a unique pattern every time, no two are the same. These beautiful stones can be used as a mindful grounding tool to help manage feelings of anxiety, stress, worry or overwhelm by helping us focus on the pres
a wooden tray filled with toys on top of a white table next to a book
Lauren- Playroom Activities on Instagram: “Story time or sensory play? Lately we have been enjoying Tales of the Mushroom Folk so I created a simple sensory bin for independent…”