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Here are some amazing rocks that you will not believe actually exist in the wild, including one that looks exactly like a slice of watermelon Steven universe.

Watching Mirrors Get Made // #mirrors #nifty

Watching Mirrors Get Made // #mirrors #nifty

Shadowhunter Flower Series, Church: Garland of Roses; art by Cassandra Jean

Shadowhunter flower Church gets his own flower card. Because he is that awesome. Thank you Cassandra Jean! I& always imagined Church as something like a really fat and fluffy Russian Blue.

Lady Midnight - Black Tulip (Hopelessness): Cassandra Jean: Shadowhunter Flowers Series: *Character belongs to Author Cassandra Clare and her Dark Artifices series

cassandraclare: The last of the Dark Artifices cards, part of Cassandra Jean’s Floriography project. Lady Midnight herself. And now on to The Last Hours!s missing a finger.s missing a finger.

The Mortal Instruments: Amazing artwork by Cassandra Jean!

Jace & Clary and Alec & Magnus - Love: Cassandra Jean: Shadowhunter Tarot Series: *Characters belongs to Author Cassandra Clare and her Mortal Instruments series