More ideas from Wild  The harlequin frogs here were thought to be extinct in Costa Rica. However, they have been rediscovered in the Talamanca Mountains of southern Costa Rica. They are still a critically endangered species. The harlequin frog is a species of the poison dart frog. The harlequin frogs are weird because their tadpoles feed on eggs. The mother comes back to lay unfertilized eggs for them to eat until they are ready to leave the water.

These colorful frogs such as the atelopulos frog and the mantella frog in its red color is such a treat for the eye. Frogs does adds color to our surroundings!

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Are you thinking about a half up/half down, braids, wavy or a celebrity-inspired wedding hairstyles for your big day? These elegant curly half up/half down hairstyles look amazing with hair accessories or on their own.

dirty mind

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Animals with unique markings

Animals with unique markings- the catception cat and the kitty with the white stache and brows are my favorite!