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Concrete wall collection by Tom Haga

Oslo Wood, studio lamp with a tripod base. The designer noticed the way the light was filtered through the trees, which is reflected in the lamp shade.

PH Artichoke Lamp Pendant Lamp by Poul Henningsen Reproduction

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Triad of Danish Modern "Artihcoke" Pendants by Designer Louis Poulsen.

The PH Artichoke from Louis Poulsen brought a new art form to lighting designs; made of layers of aluminum leaves—each diffusing the light in interesting ways—the pendant is once again popular in modern-minded homes.

Bocci lights

Traditionally, chandeliers have been understood as central, sculptural installations, which become the visual focus of a room. The 14 series, designed by Omer Arbel in is the original chandelier…

Box III (100x100x100mm) Concept lighting

Box III (100x100x100mm) Concept lighting