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Woodcarving | Резьба по дереву

Idea: Glow in the dark resin in between the twigs

Gefunden bei @sheego Backpacker Tipp - zum Platzsparen ;) #wandern #backpacker #urlaub

Awesome packing tip called a skivvy roll. Teaches how to save space in your luggage every time you travel. Budget travel lovers will enjoy this technique because it can mean less packed luggage (and fewer fees).

organizando a garagem

As always, Family Handyman has lots of very clever ideas. 27 Tips for an organized, tidy garage

Going to do this one one side of lift in our shed so i know what's up there, and be able to find it.

Many times the attic room is overlooked when you run out of room in your home and need more storage space. Creating well-planned attic storage will help you reduce clutter. The attic storage space depends on a home's style and when it was built.