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a sculpture of a gorilla head on top of a marble block
Nick Bibby Sculpture - A Lifelong Passion!
a sculpture of a gorilla sitting on its hind legs
singe - erick.aubry.sculpture
a statue of a gorilla is shown against a white background with the image in full color
1stdibs Resin Gorilla Grey French Animal Sculpture
a statue of two donkeys on a pedestal in front of some bushes and trees
a bronze statue of a bird sitting on a branch with it's beak open
a stuffed animal that is in the middle of a wall with shredded up white paper
Bourse de Commerce: Tadao Ando Interweaves Past and Present for Pinault Collection's New Parisian Museum | Yatzer
a black clock hanging from the side of a white wall
Ryan Gander Fieldwork, Lisson Gallery, London – CELLOPHANELAND*
a man standing next to a rusted metal object in a room with a window
Antony Gormley Explores the Body as a Space Within a Space