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the different layouts and shapes of a webpage, with each page being drawn by hand
Sketchnotes: Photo
Idee per la griglia, molto interessante
the street signs are clearly visible for us to see in this poster, which is very colorful
1stAveMachine / Buenos Aires - Hueso
1stAveMachine / Buenos Aires - Hueso
Here for the crown - iPad Lettering in Procreate
Bubble Brush Lettering in Procreate
Clipping mask tutorial
procreate lettering
Here is How You Can Make a 3D Brush in Procreate
Are you new to #procreate and looking to get get better at it? Here is a video from @ianbarnard6 how to make a #3Dbrush in Procreate. #procreateforbeginner #howtomakeprocreatebrush #drawingtips #digitalart
Procreate Tips for Beginners: How to Use Procreate Tutorial -Digital Artists Basics for iPad Pro Art