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10-Min Relaxing Yoga Break with @s.z.movement
Take a quick and calming yoga break with @s.z.movement! This 10-minute TikTok session guides you through relaxing poses, each held for 30 seconds to a minute. Tailor it to your needs by repeating the sequence twice. Perfect for a midday refresh or winding down in the evening. Follow us for more quick yoga routines that fit easily into your day. 🧘‍♀️⏱️ #RelaxingYoga #QuickYogaBreak #MindfulPractice
Top 4 Exercises For Your Abs Chisel Workout!
Top 4 Exercises For Your Abs Chisel Workout: • Straight bicycles X 12 • Full sit up feet up • In and outs X 12 • Side plank hip dips X 12 each side Join the BURN app for calorie-scorching workouts!...Sign up today!
Level Up Your Leg Day | Legs Workout | Lower Body Fitness Videos | Beach Outfit | Cr: @senada.greca
Workout: 6 exercises • 1. Step up w/ high knee to lunge back • 2. RDLs to squat clean • 3. Jump squats • 4. Lateral lunges • 5. Sumo goblet squats • 6. Walking curtsy lunges
Yogis, do you feel this way too? 😬 Many people come to me frustrated by not seeing the body composition changes they desire. After starting the TRANSFORM program and incorporating strength training into their workout routine they finally start to see the physical changes they want! 🤩 While yoga does have a strength component, it’s not complete because there are no pull exercises in yoga and as a result you miss major muscle groups. 🤯 In addition to that at some point you will plateau becaus...
30 Free Travel Workouts for Your Summer Trip
3 Exercises With Sliders Your Body Will LOVE
Exercise #1 • Try to move slowly and with control • Optional - bend your top leg and press your foot into the ground and keep it behind your bottom leg (this will give additional suppport) Exercise #2 • Feel free to minimize the range of motion or keep both feet on the ground • Use your breath throughout the movement amd exhale as you lift your chest Exercise #3 • Keep your core engaged throughout the exercise • Make the movement as small as you need to. Lowering yourself 1" with proper form is so much better than dropping all the way down and losing core and muscle engagement Do 4 rounds total switching sides in between. Want more fun low-impact workouts like this? Head to and check out the video library!
20min Workout Ideas
Save this Adv Pilates Banded Workout
Keep tension on the band for the optimal burn! Follow on Instagram @SilhouettebyAlexis for daily heath tips and inspiration Stream 30 days FREE on the APP with the best Barre Sculpt, Deep Pilates Flows, and Power Dance Cardio workouts at your fingertips using the code FREE30 at (monthly)
🔥 FULL BODY with RESISTANCE BANDS ✨ REMINDER: 4 week holiday REVEL program will start on Nov 28 - join as a member on YouTube to access it! ⚡️Comment “join now” to get a direct link to join or use the link in my bio! - 5 workouts per week, dumbbells & bands only, train exactly like I train!
Get ready to feel the burn with this INNER & OUTER THIGH workout