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Zayn looks like he is in his early 30's, D.O IS SO ADORABLE

And a fun fact side note: I don't even know who that guy on the left is! All I see is my little Kyunsoo looking adorably squishy *ω* hahhah the guy on the right is Zayn from

how exo flirt 101

fake subs are my favourite thing. if Kai's wasn't a play on english words i could honestly hear him saying that.

//cries :'( I will forever pray that they kept their friendship w/ the EXO-M members who left :'(

Luckiest fan ever >> Im not a big fan of EXO but dang she's lucky and she looked like she had the time of her life

Luckiest fan ever<<It'll be a shame if she were to.'disappear' one day.