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an architectural rendering of a modern building with triangular shapes on the front and sides, at dusk
MOZSES - Art direction in architecture - Visual communication - digital visualization
an artist's rendering of a building with stairs leading up to it and people walking around
an abstract wall sculpture made out of various shapes and sizes, including star shaped tiles
Scale Turns the Acoustic Panel on its Ear
black and white squares are arranged in an abstract pattern, with one square at the center
garadinervi : repertori
an abstract black and white photo with many different shapes
Marcello Morandini, Panels, n.d. Drawings on...
an abstract black and white pattern with many smaller triangles on it's side,
an abstract black and white pattern with vertical lines
Gallery of The Best Architecture Drawings of 2016 - 7
an artistic sculpture on display in the middle of a courtyard with grass and buildings behind it
hung-yin yen expresses memorial as infinite loop of symbolic concrete