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Vilde Thorbjørnsen

Vilde Thorbjørnsen
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Holy..... frag. Megatron start running NOW !!!!! HE KNOWS ABOUT UNICRON! !!!!!!

Woah woah run guys. Crowley, the king of hell, is crossing himself.

Loki x Reader Locker kisses (heavy fluff, hints of smut) Yes you were only And yes you were from Midgard. Loki x Reader Locker Kisses (one-shot)

I would much rather have the Winchesters staring at me accusingly late at night

SupernaturaL Sam looks like he's the dad who's concerned who wants to make sure you never do it again. And then Dean looks like the mom who is gonna go batshit crazy and going to throw a flower vase at you. So yeah.

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supernatural killed Hitler awesome season 12

supernatural killed Hitler awesome season He still wouldn't shut up about in the next episode. Not that I'm complaining, I too wouldn't shut up if I killed Hitler

"Why do you do it?" "To help people. Make a difference." "That's it?" "That's not enough?"

Supernatural Angel Heart // C "Why do you do it?" S "To help people. Make a difference." S "That's not enough?