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Vilde B Hagen

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Vilde B Hagen
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"We do like to eat, that's why our common room is by the kitchens! Also Helga Hufflepuff invented most of the recipes used by the Hogwarts house elves to this day!

Awesome Harry Potter themed birthday party

Funny pictures about Harry Potter Birthday Party. Oh, and cool pics about Harry Potter Birthday Party. Also, Harry Potter Birthday Party photos.

I get extremely confused when someone hugs me and I'm a hufflepuff

Hogwarts houses by hugs. I may be a Hufflepuff, but you are not getting a hug. I don't do hugs.// I'm a Ravenclaw, so hug me or be told facts about the world wars.

Last day of filming..... :(

Funny pictures about I feel like I grew up with these guys. Oh, and cool pics about I feel like I grew up with these guys. Also, I feel like I grew up with these guys.

AS A HUFFLEPUFF, I FIND THIS HILARIOUS<<<< as a Gryffindor I find this slightly offensive bc my Gryffindor and I beat the stereotype ( I have anxiety, stage fright, and hate to be the center of attention, one of my friends hides behind us in public bc she had so much anxiety, and another one would put off everything to help someone, not to mention we break rules a lot ) and so does every Gryffindor I've ever met

Im a gryffindor, and I find this to be HILARIOUS! Mostly because I don't like to be center of attention.

"Harry Potter" Schoolmates: Then and Now

"Harry Potter" Schoolmates: Then and Now<<whoa whoa whoa! I never made the connection between Bill Weasley and Hux oh my goodness! I feel like such an idiot!