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Facts About Pangolins (© Heinrich van den Berg / Getty Images)


6 pangolin facts you probably didn't know.

A Surprising Encounter

Roxy was a rescued pangolin that had been caught to be sold in the illegal wildlife trade in Namibia. Seeing a pangolin in the wild is rare thing as they usually forage for termites at night. Photo by ©Tim Lewthwaite.

Pangolin - Naankuse Foundation

"Temminck’s pangolin is a secretive, primarily nocturnal, mammal that is covered in overlapping plate-like scales"


Despite its scaly appearance, the pangolin is not a reptile. This mammal’s scales are actually made up of keratin, and these scales make up about of its weight.


This is the African Pangolin (still alive today). Its front claws are too big to walk on and are used primarily for digging for insects. It looks like a dinosaur! by amie