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there are pictures of different pots and grills on the ground, including one with a potted plant in it
Manly Do It Yourself Boyfriend and Husband Gift Ideas – Masculine DIY Crafts Projects Boyfriends, Husbands, Sons and Brothers will LOVE!
Camping Trip geplant? Grill selber bauen statt im Baumarkt was zum Wegwerfen kaufen! DIY Grill aus altem Blumentopf einfache Anleitung zum selber machen
a brown pot sitting on top of a wooden stand
67.9US $ |Small Charcoal Stove Pottery | Pottery Casserole Cooking | Carbon Stew Pan Saucepan - Soup & Stock Pots - Aliexpress
Charcoal hot soup rice cooking pot small furnace carbon pottery household old-fashioned clay stove stew pan saucepan casserole _ - AliExpress Mobile
there are several containers with food in them on the floor
The Microbial Home - Yanko Design
Philips Microbial Home - in greater detail, via Yanko Design
the shelves are filled with jars and fruit
Root celler idea adorable. stain a dark color for warmth and old world look