Malin Victoria Vestlund

Malin Victoria Vestlund

Malin Victoria Vestlund
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fanblog and feels (thesanityclause: Kinda what I was hoping for when...)

Kinda what I was hoping for when I heard Christopher Jackson was gonna be on the Sesame Street float today…


HERCULES MULLIGAN AGE: 30 CHARGE(S): Second Degree Criminal Trespass, sentence ADD. NOTES: Worked at a dept. suspicious lack of background info on him. Can apparently sew pretty well; Is always laced-up, which scares people;

I love how everyone is taking a glance towards Alex except Angelica

Hamilton: "Write like your running out of time.Ham Except Angelica. Makes me wonder if she knew he would suffer a dark fate b/c of the way he lived his life.