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★Ashton's Girls★

Hey I made a new board! ★Ashton's Girls★ Comment to be added and invite loads of people. Only pin Ashton related pins.

Ashton...what in the world?

"Join me? We will ride majestically into the sunset on my bright red lawn mower. I think that was the best description I've ever read. I will definitely ride majestically with you into the sunset on your bright red lawn mower!


yes luke. just yes<< do you see how long his legs are I mean like really can we just take a moment to appreciate them


I was dying when I saw this. I watched that video 17 times. I counted. << it's even better because Michael's superhero from don't stop is called Mike-or-wave😂❤


The Late Late Show was their first Live Interview ever so that makes me so happy! So Ashton is Half Irish! This reminds when he said "I'm half Irish, Irish people can't twerk" lol

5sos at the gym

at the gym Calum represents me when I work out.if I ever worked out. But food, xbox, sleep and internet are pretty much my priorities atm