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Food of my hometown

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Youmiankaolaolao,one of the traditional shanxi pasta,we use a variety of sauces to match it,if you come to shanxi,never forget it

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Dongpo eggplant

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Shanxi oil cake,sweet and crispy,but inside is sticky

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凉粉,liangfen,we usually eat it in summer,and your mouth will feel cool

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Ramen noodles,one of our famous kinds of noodles.The noodle will be very long ,some noodles can be thin as lines,meters long ,and we can light them . Of course ,only the professional pastry chefs can do it

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Menmian,hard to describe,

Guoyourou,means fried meat,often fried pork ,it has a long history

fried animal's blood clots. Animal's blood after boiling then solidify ,finally,frying them in your taste

Shanxi sauce pork

Sweet and sour meatballs