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a pink and purple background with many different shapes
The Patternbase Archive
an abstract painting with blue and red paint on white paper, depicting a woman looking at herself in the mirror
a cross stitch pattern with two red mushrooms on it's face and one green mushroom in the middle
Alpha pattern #105489
a cross stitch hello kitty head with a red bow
Hello Kitty Pixel Art
a cross stitch pattern with an image of a computer mouse on it's side
Undertale Annoying Dog by AwMyUnicorn on Kandi Patterns
a pixellated image of a purple object with black dots on the top and bottom
#132 Ditto
a cross stitch pattern with an orange and black cat on it's head,
Untitled_Goose_With_Knife by Springfling789 on Kandi Patterns
the pixel art is made with black and white squares
Undertale Temmie
a yellow and black cross is shown in the middle of a gridded square pattern
Mini Star Kandi Pattern
Mini Star Perler Bead Pattern / Bead Sprite
an image of a cross stitch pattern that looks like it has been made to look like the
Undertale Sans Kandi Pattern
a cross stitch pattern with a dog's head in brown and white squares on it
Alpha Pattern A34058