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a woman doing squats on a treadmill in a gym with the caption'24 atg split squat '
Pursue Fitness
Pursue Fitness
a poster showing how to build your full body workout chest, back, and legs
Full body workout
Full body workouts are great for someone just starting or have a busy life. You just train 3 days a week and hitting every muscle 3 times per week, which is more than enough to build muscle and strength. If you are looking for a full body workout routine, I usually recommend an excellent program for any beginner called Stronglifts 5×5. You can know everything about this program at
a poster showing how to build a strong core with the words, how to build a strong core
How to build a strong core
a poster showing how to train your glutes
Hip Hinging movements is something you want to focus on if you want to train your glutes
an image of a man doing exercises on his bench with the text leg day exercise options
the full body gym workout plan for women is shown in pink and black with text
Women's Full Body Gym Workout Routine for Strength & Toning
Women's Gym Routine for Strength Gain and Toning
a poster showing how to do an exercise
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Glutes workout at home
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an exercise poster showing the different exercises to do
QuickFit Cable Machine Workout Poster - A Cable Training Station Exercise Chart