Reach for the stars- kids can write their goals on their hand at the start of the year. (Another idea - put a hand template in ppt and have students use word art to write goals for year.

An Apple For The Teacher: My Students are Kicking Their Math Facts & Learning Them Too! Fun and motivating way to help students learn their math facts! Could be done with addition/subtraction for younger kiddos.

See the Germs! Glitter mixed with hand sanitizer. Teacher uses it, pretends to cough, and then shakes hands with 1 student. The students then shake each others hands and see how the glitter "germs" spread. Discuss proper hand washing after.

Turn and Talk guidelines. It would be great to make this anchor chart with your students at the beginning of the year so they truly understand expectations for Turn & Talk!

Writing Sentences: A Roll and Write Activity

Writing Sentences: Roll and Write Activity - get children learning about sentence structure and writing longer sentences with this interactive writing activity. (This Reading Mama)

It is so important for a child to learn the right way to write numbers and letters. It makes it easier for fluidity of writing, there are no pauses to think where to place the pencil.

Maybe something for a school or class project? Kid's Popsicle Art- would be a cool way to make a piece of art! It might also be fun on the last week of school. I could fit in the kids' lunch sticks!

Brain Breaks

Activities & Games: Brain Breaks For ANY Grade! Get your students movin' and groovin' to get the wiggles out. You'll motivate them to learn by doing these quick and easy breaks in your class. I saw amazing results as soon as I started using these!