the dear ones

the dear ones made for little hands and big hearts - october 2013 - sweet soft toys with a fresh handmade look

Gorgera collar!

Beautiful simple dress to have in mind. Link is broken but the idea is floating around my head until the day I decide to use again the sewing machine. hopefully before the girls are too big.

Sweatshirt with triangle shoulders

Boys hair Blended wedge style - long on the top and tapered sides and back. Great for a nice tidy but longish style. Great for boys with fine hair or who get the fly aways at the crown.

Mini Boden Spring 2013.

This child is absolutely GORGEOUS! Mini Boden Eyelet Dress & Sparkly Cardigan (Little Girls & Big Girls)


organic cotton drop-crotch trousers in b&w arrow print, organic baby leggings, modern baby clothing


Very French Gangsters supercool kids glasses for winter

Bonanza -Coffee -Roasters

Bonanza -Coffee -Roasters What a warmth sensation of "the past" where life was slower and less hectic.