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"If I could do it before, I can do it again." - Josh Altman on the School of Greatness

Make It Big, Lose It All, and Earn Back Even More with Josh Altman

"If I could do it before, I can do it again." - Josh Altman on the School of Greatness i love this before Jesse i done it, mumma of 3 boys, i know i can do it again x

Practicing self-care on a daily basis can provide many benefits such as, preventing illness, managing disease, and making informed decisions about your health. Take good care of yourself and it’ll help you take care of others.

Self-Care: 30 Ways To Practice Self-Care Each Day

MONDAY is for self care and perfect for me as I find mondays hard and don't want to do anything on my to do list



Brand: Nike air max Source type: direct Attribute: credibility They use this source because everyone is very familiar with nikes and their quality. They are trying to say that nikes will help with training, running, or everyday use.

If running is difficult, run more. This lesson applies to anything.

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awesome 35 Motivational Fitness Quotes GUARANTEED To Get You Going - Simple Beautiful Life Hahahah studying more it is.

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Mi vida, mis reglas mis objetivos mis elecciones en todo esto, no hay espacio para tu opinión.

Motivation - Best Fitness Motivation Site

So, if your opinion and your ego means more to you than I do, well.there are healthier reflections to see myself through. (I accept my space as my own challenge. Good luck with yours.

Thats the thing about running: your greatest runs are rarely measured by racing success. They are moments in time when running allows you to see how wonderful your life is.

Discipline. Have some or find some. www.jekyllhydeapparel.com


I CHOOSE.education over motivation any day and twice on Sunday! Motivation WITHOUT education has a very short shelf life and will always ebb and flow based on uncontrollable occurrences! I want to KNOW enough to impose my discipline at all times!


Three of my favourite things: running, sun and birch forest - I want to run through these trees!

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