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Macrame Angel, Macrame tutorial, DIY macrame ornament
two pictures showing how to tie the ends of rope with metal clips and hooks on white fabric
Macrame Derweesh Paracord Belt DIY Tutorial
How to Macrame Derweesh Paracord Belt DIY Tutorial
several different types of yarn and scissors with text overlay that reads 19 macrame items every beginner needs to know
Macrame Terms Every Beginner Needs to Know
When you’re just starting out, reading patterns for a project can be very confusing. Knowing what type of string to buy is a total mystery. Today I’m sharing 19 macrame terms every beginner should know.
Crochet, Patchwork, Macrame Square Knot, Macrame Knots Diy
Basic Macrame Knots for Beginners (with video & printable guide!)
some white yarn is hanging on a wooden wall with the words basic macrame knots
Macrame Knots Tutorials
the words how to estiminate macrame cord lengths in white and blue
How to Estimate Macrame Cord Length (The Ultimate Guide!)
a red, white and blue crocheted scarf on a hanger
replica , Willie Nelson
this sling style guitar strap is my interpretation of the clasic American guitar strap Willie Nelson is known for. It is custom created to your measurements for the perfect fit