Veronica Vimsenissen

Veronica Vimsenissen

Veronica Vimsenissen
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Soooo naughty....❤️❤️

"Isn't it amazing when you finally find your forever person and that person is naughty as fuck." The BEST naughty love and sex quotes on Kinky Quotes!

Day of the dead face painting

Nicolas Obery also known as Custom Shoot on his series called Fantasmagorik. Using Adobe Photoshop, he is able to draw and sculpt small totally intricate pieces together to come up with stunning artworks with a great amount of detail.

☆ Artist Glen Preece ☆

Skulls Tattoo Designs by Glen Preece. All these works are oil dry brush and watercolor on watercolor paper. Exactly how I want my sleeve's roses to look. Except with a deep red in there too and a bit darker