Anything more suspenseful than these: | 35 Things You Will Never See Again In Your Life

I LOVED THESE. Those silly rubber "Poppers" that you'd flip inside out, place on a table, and watch it scare the crap out of you when it finally popped and righted itself. Admit it, you flinched every single time.

What would the '90s be without an overhead projector?

14 Tech Supplies That Made School Tolerable in the '90s

The pink Razr. | 35 Things Every Teen Girl In The ’00s Was Obsessed With....seriously all I wanted then lol.

35 Things Every Teen Girl In The '00s Was Obsessed With

I always wanted one of these but instead I had a small Pantech flip phone whose only game was called aqua pang pang (and I never figured it out). But three years after I got that flip phone I got an iPhone, so things worked out pretty well!

Trying in vain to click all the colors down at once: | 50 Things You Will Never Be Able To Forget

10 Color Pens - These were awesome! So many ink color choices all in one pen!

water games, my brother got these babies. fill with water and you could play for hours.

9 Things That Have Changed In The Last 20 Years

water ring toss was just one of these water games, I had a couple, they were pretty fun.before video games of course. oh, the things that entertained us

90s candy-- I don't know who in their right mind would want to eat these. Well, We did and now I wouldn't dare to.

Candy in the 90’s was radical (30 Photos)

32 Pictures That Will Give You Intense Elementary School Flashbacks

Funny pictures about This Childhood Myth. Oh, and cool pics about This Childhood Myth. Also, This Childhood Myth photos.

90s tv shows - It is literally inconceivable that 10 years from now my clothes will look this ridiculous

Weird Things Your Favorite Teen And Child Stars Are Up To Now

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