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(Apart from the fact that I doubt Minerva McGonagall would live through the marauders, the golden trio and the twins and then retire. But I love the headcanon!

Melea is a muggleborn that Rose had met at a muggle summer camp and was being mistreated because of her magic.

Ron and Hermione were set on having two children but when Rose’s best friend was being neglected by her mother and step father, they took her in just as the Weasley’s had done for Harry and the.

Hugo and Lily counted each other’s freckles every year. Lily always had the most.

Rose and Albus were kidnapped when they were children and, as a result, both refused to talk to anyone but each other. It stayed like this ‘til they met Scorpius Malfoy, who did what their family.

Nineteen Years Later

“Journey to the River Sea,” by Eva Ibbotson Read Journey to the River Sea She was standing close to the platform edge where it was still safe for her but would have been too dangerous for me to try.

The Scamanders, Hugo, Lucy and Lily were the hardest to separate, even when they got sorted into different houses. They seemed to balance each other out beautifully, even when they were fighting amongst themselves Requested by ‘Cam’

Lilly was the ambitious and powerful Slytherin, Lysander was best friends with James and hung out at their common room, Gryffindor. Lorcan was the cocky know-it-all ravenclaw, Lucy the kind Hufflepuff. Hugo was the true Weasley at the Griffindor house.

Every single one of the Wotters and Scorpius were Gryffindors. Lysander and…

Every single one of the Wotters and Scorpius were Gryffindors. Lysander and Teddy were Hufflepuffs and Lorcan was a Ravenclaw Requested by anon