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Norway  WW2  Nazi propaganda: "Common Front Against Bolshevism"

ARTICLE: The gas chamber : A national collection of pictures of Harald Damsleth. "Common Front Against Bolshevism"

Norwegian pro-Nazi/SS poster - Imgur

Norwegians - Fight for Norway! A poster recruiting Norwegians into the Waffen SS. Rougly 6000 Norwegians served in Waffen SS units on the Eastern front during WWII until the end in Berlin.

Norway's fjords offered natural hiding places for the German fleet, which draped the battleship Tirpitz with tarps and branches to blend in with the countryside and foil enemy reconnaissance. Still, the British Navy caught and sank 10 German destroyers in a major battle off Narvik in April.

German battleship Tirpitz (sister of Bismarck) at Fættenfjord in March She spent much of the war in Norwegian waters and posed an ongoing threat to the Arctic convoys, attracting constant British attacks as a result. Her luck finally ran out in November

Alternative History of the Winter War - the Lyngenfjord Highway - the railway to Narvik (

The rapid construction of the Lyngenfjord Highway established a link to the outside world which would help Finland survive the Winter War

Mener krigen i Narvik er glemt - Nordland - NRK Nyheter

Mener krigen i Narvik er glemt - Nordland - NRK Nyheter