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clothespin number match game for kids to play
Clothespin Number Match - learn numbers and practice fine motor skills. Great…
four yellow and black squares with numbers on them, one has two faces in the middle
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Mental Math Freebie
two hands reaching up to each other with the words in your hands below it that says,
Tables of 6, 7, 8 and 9 in Your Hands
Multiplication the Fast Way! Tables of 6, 7, 8 and 9 in your hands ~I heard this trick on the radio and it saved my life. Since then I've taught it to many other kids. I passed such a bad time at school as I was the only one in my class who didn't know the tables so I hope this trick was useful for any parent or teacher who knew any child in this situation
two numbers are on the same line
Hate Math? These Mental Tricks Will Have You Multiplying Faster Than Einstein Ever Could!
Interesting multiplication "tricks" that students might enjoy--may even have students explain why the tricks work
a green and white square with numbers on it
How to Learn Times Tables
How To Learn Times Tables - I would have never thought that these six numbers would be all I really need.
instructions for how to fold hands in the shape of numbers
How to Multiply by 9 Using your Fingers — The Burlap Bag
multiplying by 9 using your fingers
valentine's graph worksheet for students to practice writing and spelling the numbers
Fall Math and Literacy Packet (Kindergarten)!
Fall Graphing! Might be easier for kids if the shapes were cut out. They could cut and glue them in the correct box.
the before between and after worksheet for students to practice their number identification skills
Interactive Math Makes Learning FUN!
What comes Before-Between-After!
a person's hand with numbers written on it
Teacher Blog Spot
Why weren't we taught to multiply this way? I never knew any of the hand multiplication tricks...I had to memorize the times tables!!
the printable worksheet for children to learn how to make numbers with their own hands
Winter Math and Literacy Packet (Kindergarten)!
What comes before, in between and after?
printable worksheets for numbers that are in the shape of letters and numbers
Number Tracing Worksheets Free Printable
Numbers Tracing Worksheets - Free Learning Printables for Kids
a poster with different types of cats and dogs on it's side, including the words
Ida Heen Aaland
Ida Heen Hansen
a poster with different words and pictures on the front page, including an image of a light bulb
Ida Heen Aaland
Ida Heen Hansen