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Coca-Cola Straw Dispenser in Glass & Chrome-I love these things! So cute for the kitchen

This Coca-Cola Soda Fountain Straw Dispenser is an excellent vintage-style reproduction. Perfect straw holder for any kitchen, diner, or restaurant that serves Coke.

Daft Punk Coca Cola - I've never seen this before!

A result of Daft Punk – Coca Cola collaboration, these limited edition ‘Club Coke’ DAFTCOKE bottles have a distinct flavor of electronic music. The two aluminum bottles are painted in gold and silver as a tribute to the duo.

Designer Coke Bottles

Other designers who created limited edition Coca Cola Light bottles for specific fashion events in included these three bottles by, from left to right, Zac Posen, Manolo Blahnik and fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth.