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an ear with two different types of piercings
Get inspired by our cute ear piercing ideas for your helix piercing, rook piercing, tragus piercing, conch piercing, forward helix piercing, daith piercing, and multiple ear piercings. Ear Piercings, Tattoo, Piercing Jewelry, Tragus Piercings
Ear Piercing Ideas & Cartilage Earrings
Ear Piercing Ideas
Helix Piercing, Ear Jewelry
Tash Helix℠ & Tash Hidden Rook℠ Piercing
I have 16 piercings in this ear now (3 new ones and I retired my rook) including a hidden helix with a Maria Tash piece. This ear is DONE!
Huggies Galore
Huggies Galore