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denim overalls with hearts and polka dots on them
Alte Jeans verwerten - Was Neues kann man basteln?
Schürzen aus alten Jeanshosen
an open drawer with several different items in it and the caption below reads, foto don fisar
Duduá Mais
an ice cream stand with cupcakes and cakes on it's shelves for sale
DIY Pretend Play Sweet Shoppe - Damask Love
Can use to make a supermarket, post office...etc. switch it out. Buy a cash register
two pictures of a hamburger made to look like it is on a plate with the letter c
Cheeseburger Felt Food Set by KrissVengeance on DeviantArt
Cheeseburger Felt Food Set by KrissVengeance
four popsicles are lined up in different colors
different types of cheese and crackers on a cutting board
Perfekt für den Kaufladen!
an egg, carrots and other food items in a white bowl on a black surface
Felt Food Tutorial and Patterns
Preschool - FREE felt food tutorial for kids dramatic play
two pictures one with cereal, and the other with milk in front of shelves full of food
Just another WordPress site – Just another WordPress site
printable food labels for a play kitchen
three tea bags sitting on top of a wooden table next to a white container with the word tea written on it
Play Food: Tea Box and Tea Bags
DIY play tea bags!!!! I have the haba wooden ones for the kids, but they tangle often and the little man tends to want to serve lots and lots of tea to guests...
a brown and white object sitting on top of a table
NEW PATTERN! Felt Cookbook Cooking Set!
Would make a great pincushion....hmmmm